Athflow – The new trend in everyday wear

What is Athflow?

Athflow is a mix of loungewear crossed with activewear. Athflow is roomy enough to be athletic, yet stylish enough to still look chic.

First we had Athleisure. A clothing style where outfits usually intended as athletic wear could be dressed up and taken into the workplace, school or other casual and social occasions. Athleisure outfits can include yoga pants, tights, sneakers and shorts that look like athletic wear but can be classified as fashionable, dressed up exercise clothing.

Pinterest have identified the move toward a more comfortable yet stylish look and coined the term Athflow. Pinterest, one of the most widely used search engines in the world tracks its user’s searches and uses that data to create powerful trend reports.

Based on the data they collect from 442 million people, they create a report called “Pinterest Predicts”, which contains data-backed predictions for each year.

They noticed the below increase in searches and predicted a new movement in everyday wear and named the style Athflow.

Pinterest describes Athflow. “When athleisure meets elegance—that’s Athflow. Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits and oversized outfits will replace athletic clothes as the new go-to lounge wear. Professional enough for the office, stretchy enough for the yoga mat and comfy enough for the couch”.

Take a look at the increase in searches which motivated the Atfhflow trend:
300% increase in searches for “oversized outfit”
160% increase in searches for “cotton jumpsuits for women”
185% increase in searches for “soft outfits”
200% increase in searches for “home dress women”
90% increase in searches for “fluffy slippers”
155% increase in searches for “cocoon sweater”
200% increase in “cozy aesthetics outfits”
400% increase in searches for “quilted clothes

There’s no doubt the style is a direct response to the 2020 Pandemic where the world was forced to navigate a new work-from-home wardrobe. At one time we could indulge in the comfort of Tracksuits and Pajamas and were relieved to not wear office clothes and formal wear.

However, as the pandemic continues and we accept that we could be working from home indefinitely, a bridge between Tracksuit / Pajamas and office wear is necessary.

Athflow is the perfect solution when you need to look professional but are determined to remain comfortable. Think comfortable garments like loose oversized knits and cardigans, Shirt dresses, baggy trousers, jumpsuits but styled with a touch of elegance.

Tips for styling oversized Athflow Outfits

Athflow fashion is about wearing clothes that are oversized and comfortable. So how do we wear oversized clothing without looking 3 sizes bigger and swallowing all our natural shape?

Below are tips on how to balance oversize comfort while remaining elegant and stylish.

It’s always important to balance your proportions.

Team wide legged pants with more fitted tops

The general rule is to balance wide proportions with more fitted silhouettes. When wearing wide leg trousers wear fitted tops or jackets.

Balance width on top with fitted silhouettes on the bottom

When wearing tops which create width on top, balance the bottom with fitted trousers like leggings, skinny jeans or straight skirts.

Wear a loose dress with a more tailored jacket or a cropped denim jacket

A loose dress like a T-shirt dress is shapeless and tends to hide any curves or shape. Create shape with a side knot. Or combine with a fitted or cropped jacket like a denim jacket to create more structure and shape.

Belted shirt dresses are part shirt and part dress and wonderfully versatile. They can be worn on their own as a dress, layered over leggings or trousers or worn open as a long coat.

Dresses can be loose fitting but not balloon like

Select dresses that are loose but not necessarily overwhelming. Ensure a good fit on the neckline and shoulders. Asymmetrical styles can add interest and a slimmer over all silhouette.

Waterfall Cardigans

Waterfall cardigans are long asymmetrical knits which are extremely soft and comfortable. Some of these cardigans have a fitted band at the back for added flare and shape. Ensure the sleeve is inset which means fitted around the shoulder and arm hole. And that the sleeve is a slim fit. If the sleeve is dropped off the shoulder and wide the look becomes baggy and shapeless.

Loose shirts should be fitted on the shoulder

Loose shirts should still fit at the neckline and shoulders to prevent hiding your natural shape and making you look bigger.

Off-Shoulder Tops

Slouchy tops can be worn off the shoulder. Remember to balance proportions. Wear wide off the shoulder tops with more fitted bottoms.

Stylish Tracksuits

Instead of the usual sweatpants and oversized sweaters, tracksuits have become more stylish and fitted. Still super comfortable in normal track suiting material but with sleeker silhouettes.

Soft Knit Blazers

These blazers are structured and shaped like a traditional blazer but in a soft knit fabric which is stretchy and comfortable. Whereas normal blazers need to be dry cleaned, these are machine washable and easy to care for.

Cocoon Knits

Cocoon knits start out as a big rectangle but then you fold it and continue knitting to create arm holes and a wide ribbed collar. What results is a cozy versatile wrap. Worn one way, the fronts are shorter. Worn upside down, the fronts become longer.

Luxe Fabrics

Luxe fabrics like soft stretch velvet and metallic knit cottons will smarten up your look without compromising on comfort. Wear leggings in a stretch fauxe leather fabric for a glam feel. These metallic and velvet draw string trousers are comfortable enough to wear around the house but can be styled up for an evening look.

Casual Jumpsuits

Loose jumpsuits and jumpsuit overalls in linen and cotton are stylish and comfortable.


Sneakers provide comfort and an air of cool to any outfit. A sleek sneaker which is not too bulky is extremely versatile and can be worn from street casual to smart casual. Sneakers can even be worn with suits for a smart casual look.

Now that working from home is becoming more and more prevalent, and working environments are becoming more relaxed Athflow is a new trend that is here to stay.

Pinterest Predicts describes itself as the “not your typical trend report. It’s a not-yet-trending report.”  Click on the link below to discover what’s instore for 2021 regarding Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Food, Home, Health and general Well Being.