What is the process of Personal Style?

Image consulting is about so much more than just helping a client with her appearance. The best description I read is “Image Consulting is like counselling, but with colour, style, fabrics, makeup and personal attention.” I couldn’t agree more.

For many of us, it is intimidating to see an image consultant because it may force us to face issues, we feel self-conscious about. I completely understand.

I’m privileged to be on this style journey with you

As an Image Consultant it is an absolute privilege when clients see how beautiful they truly are! Discovering themselves in a new and inspiring way. When they look in the mirror and experience self-acceptance instead of self-condemnation. I am blessed to create an opportunity for a client to be heard, affirmed, accepted and free to shine in all their glory. And that is my hope for every woman I work with.

Let’s Get Practical

But let’s get super practical for a moment. What exactly is the Personal Style process and how does it work?

Below is a breakdown of the full package which I recommend for maximum impact. If you’d like an option

Step 1. Colour, Shape & Style Session

Step 2. Wardrobe Restyle

Step 3. Personal Shopping

Step 4. Complete Make Over includes Hair & Make Up

Step 1. Colour, Shape & Style Session

Price R2,500 includes your personal style app of R500

This a 3-hour session to assess your Colour Analysis, Body Shape and Personal Style.

This can be done at my studio in Featherbrooke Estate or at the salon in Bedfordview. 


The power of colour should never be underestimated.

Colour has the potential to make you look instantly younger, healthier, more vibrant and even change your mood.
In this session you will be draped with colour swatches held close to your face to reveal which of the 12 colour flows are most complimentary.

Body Shape

As women our bodies are constantly changing, and we may feel we have no control of our new shape.

Good news! Regardless of size or weight, we can highlight our best features, bring balance to our natural shape and ‘lose’ weight in seconds with styles which perfectly accentuate our natural shape.

Personal Style

You have an individual style that is as unique as your fingerprint.

In this session you will identify how you feel most comfortable expressing yourself for a style which is effortless, natural and attractive.

Personalised Style App

Imagine having everything you need to know about your individual style at the touch of a finger.

Once we have discovered your colour direction, body shape and style, all your details are loaded onto your personal style app on your phone.

You literally have your own Stylist in the palm of your hands.

Step 2. Wardrobe Restyle

Price R2,000 3hrs

This a 3-hour session and can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Discover a whole new wardrobe without buying one item of clothing.

Your wardrobe is much more exciting than you think. You just need a fresh perspective.

Working together we will declutter, organise and re-style the items you have.

We will create new looks complete with shoes and accessories.

Photos will be taken of your new outfits so that you have reference to a variety of combinations for any of those ‘I have nothing to wear’ days!

Step 3. Personal Shopping

Price R2,000 3hrs

We will go to stores that suit your budget and lifestyle.

This is where it all comes together!

Shopping on your own can be overwhelming and confusing.

We shop together so that you discover how to shop with intention. No more countless hours browsing aimlessly through a store. Or wasted money on items you only wear once.

You may want to do a seasonal shop to update your wardrobe with current trends. Perhaps you’re looking for the perfect outfit for a special occasion. Or packing for a business trip.

We will maximise your budget (whatever it may be).

You will become a professional at scanning and identifying, only the clothing in your ideal colours and shape that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle

Step4. Complete Makeover including Hair cut and Makeup

We will quote on your requirements for the Complete Makeover.

A complete Makeover can be life changing!

On a separate day, our talented team of hair stylists and make-up artists will transform you.

With a new haircut, colour and style, along with professionally applied makeup, dressed in your best outfit – You will look and feel like a new person.

To showcase the new you, have something amazing planned like a photo shoot, special event or romantic evening for 2. This is a momentous occasion and the new you deserves to be celebrated!

That is the recommended full package for the maximum impact.

However, I believe style is for every women everyday and should be accessible.

There are many creative ways to discover your style on a budget that suits you.

Visit me on my website and Let’s Get Creative.