Stuck in a Life-Style Rut? Be Inspired Again

My Style Journey

It can be very easy to slip into a rut of wearing the same thing over and over, and just feeling really bored, unmotivated, exhausted and uninspired by your wardrobe (and life).

I’ve been there! Above is a picture of me from the end of last year. I was working for a casual fashion brand and I defaulted to a “uniform” of jeans, t-shirts and trainers.

Just to explain how out of my personal style that was, I had never even owned a pair of fashion sneakers. Trainers were to exercise and walk the dogs. I never owned t-shirts, I owned tops.

I made the excuse, “It’s because I work in a casual environment.” But it was really an escape. I felt uninspired, unmotivated and disconnected from myself and my style. No blame whatsoever on the environment I worked in. This was a personal, internal discontentment. And every time I saw myself, it just reinforced the negative.

Mid-Life Crisis,  A Real Thing!

But how did I get so far from Me? I’d always heard of  The “Mid-life Crisis” after 40.  Now I get it! Although, mine was more of a life reassessment than a crisis.

For me it was a combination of turning 40, changing my career, Mom having a stroke which was life threatening and COVID. Everything else just paled in comparison. There was certainly no time to think of something as frivolous as my wardrobe and the way I looked.

I’m a Stylist! How Could This Be?

When things settled, I hardly recognised the person in the mirror. My blonde hair was dark. My bright green eyes, dark. My skin, dull and sagging. My nails, brittle and broken. And, had my body changed? Nothing seemed to fit quite right.

I’ve been in the Fashion Industry for over 20 years, I consider myself a self-aware person. Surely, I should’ve seen the descent into a style (and life) rut. A Life-Style rut if you will.

I Need To Make A Change

And that’s when I decided to make a change. I decided to upgrade my Image Consulting qualification and launch my styling business. So I could follow my passion, have time to support family and make money doing what I love.

It has been life changing!

I literally became my own client and started the journey of my Complete Makeover. It has been exhilarating! The step by step program is well planned, easy to apply and impactful.

Colour, A Whole New World

As I understood my colours, a whole new world opened for me.  Just wearing my correct colours gave me an instant makeover.

Over-40 Body. Another Real Thing!

Knowing how to dress my new, over-40 body is empowering. No matter if you’re thin or plus size, have had children or not, dressing your over-40 body is a challenge. Applying the simple principles, I feel confident in clothes which are flattering and amazingly comfortable.

There she is. I’ve missed you

Most importantly, I’ve reconnected with my inner style. Now, more appropriate for my age and lifestyle. Still my Boho core style, less Hippie and more eclectic. Feminine not girly. Confidently stylish not chasing a trend.

I wanted to look like I used to, vibrant, co-ordinated, eclectic. Well, I’m currently my own client. And I’m excited. I have a step by step plan and I’m walking out my own Complete Makeover.

At the same time, I’m encouraging women on their own journey. It is empowering and soul satisfying.

Do you feel like I did? 

If you feel like I did, that you’ve lost yourself and sense of style. Disconnected from the woman you feel inside to the woman you see on the outside. Confused with how to dress your new body shape. Overwhelmed, so you convince yourself, you don’t have time, don’t have money, it’s too selfish to worry about something as frivolous as your looks or wardrobe.  I’ve got you! Let me share what’s worked for me because I know it will work for you.

If you’d like to become inspired again, our first step is the Colour, Shape & Style program.

I’m looking forward to this style journey with you. It takes courage, I know. Let’s be brave together.

Your Personal Stylist and Friend

Gregin xxx